Dance Partners          

                                                   A Human Interest Series

Wrting something
you'd like to share
is one thing.
it —
quite another.

Sex - Drugs and Rock-n-Roll. 
 That line was coined in the 70’s so says Wikipedia. 
 Although immediate gratification likely captivated humans since the dawning, 
 history fully attests to just how high human purpose rates on the scale of
 what else captivates us. Rock-n-roll picked up on this and turned the blending 
 of captivating topics into an art form.  
 In a song keyed in on the future, Pearl Jam asks:
So, whatcha giving? 
 Well, I’m giving this.
A captivating — Human Interest Series.
This is Our Story. The Story of Our Times.
The kind of necessary story that comes along every once and 
 awhile requiring us to pause our hectic lives and reflect together,
 where we’ve been, where we are, where we want to go. 
 Necessary, because it’s a story from us, for us—the mass.
Visualize a crazy-paced Tango.
Upon the stage, swirling, jerking, colliding, are the standard dance partners of  time;
Gods, ruling elites and us—the mass. But suddenly, in a steamrolling entrance amidst a 
 near-deafening crescendo, comes a wholly new fourth partner and—we’re entranced. 
 Slowly, we awaken to one irrefutable reality:
our new Teflon-armored partner comes with some very dark sides.
And with this awareness, an innate knowing surfaces.
Occasionally, we must take the lead. Will we?
Learning to Echo.
 This endeavor began about 10 years ago when I began to wonder
why we were so mute about a future heavily intermeshed with Artificial Intelligence.
By then, I'd read plenty of dismal assessments about today's American which held us disinterested in anything beyond our right-now, self-absorbed state; that
because of our easy-living existence, we hardly bother to engage in
community contributions much less consider anything beyond.
So, I began to ask ourselvesjust what are we thinking about our new Teflon partner?  
From years of reading what experts think, from years of asking family, friends,
 co-workers, anyonewhat we think, I've discovered our silence isn't so much
stemming from a mindless state as an overwhelmed one. By large, we are wary about
this futuristic-future coming on at lightning speed; we simply prefer ignoring what
seems so unstoppable. Problem iswariness leaves indelible etchings. 
When a better grasp to the all of this finally sank in, I realized how critical
it's become for the all of us to start facing the all of itwith eyes wide.   
So, 10 years ago I learned to write.
Dance Partners is an Open-Source Book and each installment is filled to the brim.
 I highly recommend using the Printable Version as I am hardly a webmaster.
It's the read that's important though.
So, just find an uninterrupted spot 
of time, grab a cool one and a whole lotta focus. 
Yeah, these are heavy but they aren't going anywhere so take your time.
And if you'll commit to reading no more than 1 a day, then in 13 days,
you'll know as much as I do. And — that's a start.
My 10 year best — I give to you.

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