Dance Partners
                                                    A Human Interest Series

Part I - Aug 2012

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Dancing Partners.
        Essentially, it’s been from the inception of human time whereupon Planet Earth has hosted one gory, convoluted power dance of three partners; Gods, ruling elites and us—the mass. But, from here on out—our planet will host yet one more formidable partner. Technology. The higher-thinking, computerized, replacement-of-us kind. It’s not sci-fi time anymore. It’s real-time and we, this mass, is the partner being sidelined. We’ve allowed this. As if blinded, we’ve meekly followed a lead expressly geared to shuffle us to the wayside and if we keep allowing such—history will credit us as the very mass who sealed a grave fate onto every generation hereafter. Quickly, we must learn a new dance move. Quickly, we must awaken to see just where our new Teflon-coated partner is headed. Yes, we have every right to loudly question the sanity underlying such an unprecedented lead. This is our watch and it’s called—The Human Experimentfor good reason.

In the Rearview. 
        Control of the mass has been one irresistible carrot. Since antiquity, Gods have been used by ruling elite mortals to control communal us. From every endlessly expanding dynasty and empire; Ottoman to Roman, Pharaohs to Incan kings, from within every tribe and clan, BC through AD and still now, the blood of the mass has drenched every corner of this planet’s soil and darkened every ocean—all because power-lusting mortals get crazed for the kind of supremacy that comes from controlling us. And yet, masses seemed destined to overlook this. From Luna to Sol, Yahweh to Baal, Zeus to Saturn and onto the days of Judaism, Islam, Christianity and every sect in-between; Catholics, Protestants, Sunnis and Shiites, masses ardently remember whatever dogma we’re supposed to that incites us over the twisted ways our Gods get used, but only belatedly—remember the manipulating, power-crazed role of megalomaniacs, who pit masses and their Gods against one another, for their own twisted, self-serving schemes. 
        I’ve wondered about our own predecessors, the ones who laid exhausted—caked with blood. How many of those final breaths beseeched a God to help their sons not to forget what they had forgotten? Wished they would have remembered how this dance goes, wished they would have rallied preventive solidarity before its frenzied crescendo swirled them, leaving them heaped upon Earth’s floor—dying in their piled gore. Now, a wholly new powerhouse has arrived and we have yet to cement in our minds: we are the ones responsible for maintaining solidarity as preventive measures before we, this freer-than-ever mass, becomes another exploited mass—once again.

        Immediate thoughts that pop in our heads about technology are usually the many handy and unquestionably grand ways it comes packaged. Every phone, audio and video anything—computers for absolutely everything. First it was satellites; these have been in use for over a half-century now. Next, computers. Most anyone reading this likely remembers the first personal computers to hit the scene about 30 years ago. Then, The World Wide Web quickly followed suit. It began as some buzz about how a communication-web will connect us and boy did it! We searched for news, trivia, specific interests; we chatted with anyone we could—we took education to every nook and cranny. By simply tapping away on handy techno-tools and then plugging into this web, we caused it to grow and grow until it engulfed the entire world. But—that’s just the beginning. 
        Higher-thinking replication is our newest, fast-paced reality. Many of these technologies gained alarming momentum primarily from work arenas—the very heartbeat of a free society. When the heady appeal of workforce replacement technologies captivated industry elites, they couldn’t help themselves—or us. Rather, they scrambled to invest billions into the 1st generation software rounds to monitor us, thus enabling the 2nd generation hardware rounds to replace us. When this started happening in my own work arena, I wondered where it would all stop so I began to learn. I’ve since awakened to some truly imminent, stark realities about the darksides of technology. But, when I quizzed family, friends and coworkers with some of my newfound education, I began to realize there were only a few sparks of awareness registering for them as well and that’s when I knew—I wasn’t the only average person being caught so unaware.

Raising Awareness.
                 First—we’ve got to accept that the scary techno-future is already here.
        It’s now 2019. During the past 10 years of learning how and what to write; learning that to disseminate what I wanted to share was even trickier than learning to write and edit, I’ve kept a keener eye on current news about replacement technology because 10 years ago—I began to notice something was amiss. There wasn’t much to read. I found this odd because 10 years ago there was a full blown recession on our doorstep and unemployment was skyrocketing. Why wasn’t replacement technology; the type invading every industry, the type not here to assist workers, not here to provide upgrade room but rather—expressly here to kick workers right out the door—why was this type of technology not being pounced on by every news outlet we support? Well, once asked, the answers started growing more apparent. Like I said, that timeworn power dance sure is convoluted. 
        Since we all know that any type of technology is today’s cash cow, it was easy enough to surmise the obvious from there.The type of technology here to replace entire workforces would be the very type powerhouses wouldn’t want attention drawn to. So far—we’ve indulged them. Why? For 10 years now, I’ve been striking-up conversations about the most pressing subject we face and still—we don’t want to talk about it. Why? Well, I found this answer pasted on the mirror. Had replacement technology not been shoved in my face, it’s doubtful that I would have bothered to learn about it either. The trick then is really just a matter of getting all of us to see that if we continue to blindly trudge over to the sideline, then regardless of which individual stares down a machine meant to steal their lifeline today, that individual will be all of us, en masse, tomorrow. Well, turns out this trick aint so easy to master. For years now, many have tried. For years, we’ve been alerted to the imminence we now face but still—we remain unmoved. Why? Yep, it’s convoluted alright.  
        This stuff isn’t going away. Period. The decent kind of life experience we hope even our own kids get to chance depends on us impeding this new replacement saga now—not too late tomorrow. Maybe this writing will help, maybe not, but somewhere, this message is the one that’s got to get through. So if you’ll cut me some slack, this series will work well enough to jumpstart the most crucial process every mass must initiate if they hope to trudge—peacefully forward.  

Raw Power. 
        Let’s start here. Partnered with today’s bloodless-pumping entity, exploiting us has become child’s play. Communication is raw power and—its technology’s base nature. Spreading the word of God has come a long way. Today’s generations have been swept away in a mountainous communication explosion and the art of disseminating information has swiftly advanced to a science. Today’s rulers; political/corporate heavies, now come college-trained in slick, potent, communication savvy. There’s no need to announce themselves in regal tom-tom flare anymore because their drum beating skills have well-advanced. It’s become second nature for these professionally trained elites to spin and disseminate, politically correct—fact or farce. I suspect it's become 2nd nature for even mid-level corporate elites to build convincing PowerPoint presentations and spew flawless company lines. Today’s capitalistic/consuming way-of-life, now flush with profuse audio and video infused mountain-slides of information, has given such rise to the commanding power of communication, I surmise its raw power now eclipses the raw power of money. Commercials are a great example of this. Billions are spent to make communicating commercials for the potential untold billions in return. 

This thing called Freedom.
        There are several running themes in this series and freedom is one. No, I’m not some anti-government zealot but—Freedom is the measure of travel for The Human Experiment. And what I now realize, what all of us must quickly now realize: Monitoring and Replacement Technologies are two Invasive Technologies that we can and we must stunt the growth of or—we won’t be a free society much longer.
        Technologies once began as handy tools for humans to use. And while most advanced to assist mankind, others advanced to control mankind. So today, with satellites everywhere above, interconnected to every kind of surveillance everywhere below—we are the very mass witnessing one profoundly new, powerful stage for total control unfolding. 
        In the blink of our eye, this techno-trio; the web, satellites and computers, not only monitors our every move, but fully commands every conceivable, ever-changing, failsafe override within our human world of communications, commerce, banking and every powered-necessity infrastructure including life-dependent water systems. In the blink of our eye, this trio has morphed into its own self-governing powerhouse literally controlling most every aspect of human living. In the blink of our eye—we have become utterly reliant on an inanimate it. This it, now sits formidably snug in the driver’s seat of our—Human Experiment. 
        We’ve only just glimpsed the rate in which newday technology adapts and it’s only just awakening but already the power entity of our lives. Already, who controls who? We must stop kidding ourselves about how benign newday technology is. And, we must stop kidding ourselves about how impotent powermongers have become in today’s free societies. We are the privileged benefactors of an incredible, freer-than-ever existence. We are the ones that must begin now, to ensure that even our own progeny’s freedoms are attended to. I’ve wondered how many past societies naïvely believed they had arrived at some freedom finish line, believed their progeny would never have to experience another round of oppression—just before they did. Freedom is not a guaranteed permanence on humanity’s trudge. It must be attended to by each and every mass. Always.

        In the year 2525~ this was a song about an era 500 years from now but this song hit the billboards about 50 years ago. Back then, most of us were young adults, tots, or not yet even a gleam in anyone's eye. Had the songwriters fully appreciated technologies exceedingly fast rate of growth, it's doubtful they’d have overshot their mark by 500 years. So here we are—already. Replacement Technology isn't harmless, assistive or even fun. Today’s replacement technology is headed straight towards Superintelligence; also called Strong Artificial Intelligence or what I refer to as one invincible—Super Goliath. 
        Though still just a babe, this glaring right-at-us Baby Goliath is already replacing complete and wholly complex—human body parts and outputs. This it is predicted to reach young adulthood within the next 20 years. The developmental marker used to indicate Super-G has arrived is defined as: technology capable of self-correction and self-duplication. Yep—robots. The Human Experiment has trudged to a place that now includes a vastly intelligent but non-living entity: capable of functioning completely independent of humans. So, choose whichever Hollywood creation helps you picture what this utterly means, just choose to accept this reality is in-the-making, it eclipses all other scary aspects of technology, and it demands momentous consideration now because by the time 2025 gets here—then will be too damn late.  
        Like any cash cow of today, a capitalistic arena ensures endless monitoring and replacement applications unless we—a democratic consumer mass—choose to stunt their growth. That’s our part of this jig. Quickly, we must come to understand today’s chapter is not yesterday’s repetitive-automation Luddite chapter. Today’s Nano-paced human-like capabilities of technology are coming on strong and regardless of when it actually got going—the human versus machine showdown is here in full swing. It’s imperative that we, more-so even than academics and politicians, gain a better grasp about the socio-everything impact our new invincible partner brings to the floor. This includes a renewed appreciation about what it actually means to be human; to reappraise our nature, quirks and values. Values which are now up against the imposing future of something entirely alien to, you got it—The Human Experiment. 

Copy-Cat Precision.
        Technologies replicate what a human does by way of patterned computations of values. These prebuilt ordered sets of commands—called algorithms, are the guts of integrated circuits inside machines. Many human traits can’t be mimicked but whether that matters is the million-dollar question for the human future. Because of this, many terms are now prefaced with bio-this or techno-that. Interfaced technologies—machines, now come affordably packaged for just about any application envisioned. Many of those visions are expressly meant to replace every human output. 
        There are three primary replication/replacement zones: advanced motor skills, computing data and—communication. Primarily, thumbs, higher brain functions, and the expansion of our intelligence by broadly shared information, separated humans from the rest of the pack long ago so technology is really our only known rival. Machines; inanimate its packaged in a variety of ways housing all those pre-built artificial thoughts, already rival most every human output impressively well, alarmingly well, so an old term has been dusted-off to help shed contrasting light about what it actually means to be human. Aptly coined Humanism—this is the stuff that makes each of us a one-of-a-kind, never to be duplicated even once. The first slated use of humanism was back in 1832 and begins with Webster’s definition: humanism encompasses individual dignity and worth; our capacity of self-realization through reasoning.  
        I’ve come to understand that humanism and consciousness are basically synonymous; conscious or original thought, is considered to be at levels of awareness via a bio-humanistic way. Humans constantly have original thoughts. Our thought process is so natural, we hardly consider how it happens but—scientists do. By way of reverse engineering of human brain processes, then patterned in some algorithmic mimicry of our brain’s synaptic neuron, firing-way-to-a-thought, technology is quickly mastering our intellectual abilities quite well. However, the very essence of how we actually derive at original thought is of great value in our showdown with machines. This will probably be our kid’s only and precious—last frontier. 
        Thought outputs are intrinsically derived, meaning: our imagination hatches conscious wonderments which spring from all parts of a human—not just within our brain. How a human derives at a thought can’t be mimicked because there’s no vault up-there housing any recipe of even one baked thought. By way of our humanistic cache, every emotion is sheltered, every ponderance nurtured. From our pulsating toes, burning skin and pounding hearts to a scalp that can tingle, emotions guide and compel us in everything we do. Emotions are the very gel that provides immeasurable values about faith and about belief—that what we choose to do—has purpose.

Talk the Talk.
        Intimacy is a state-of-being embracing the best of how it feels to be human and can provide few words to convey a host of heart-pounding thoughts and emotions. For every other aspect, sounds and gestures are how communal animals communicate and for humans—we use words. Evidently words—not thoughts—are easy to build patterns from so machines now communicate in a sort of algorithmic expression. We call it data or information but it’s all referred to as intelligence; another old term with renewed meaning. Now who would have thunk this word means much more than a person’s IQ! I’m basing which topics I believe need a better understanding by us—from me. I’m average. And like me, most of us enjoy average intelligence. But, because we now have this wholly new super-smart entity living with us, new light is being shed on the full breadth of intelligence.
        Parceled into three stages: pre-communication days mark the inception of human intelligence, the middle is marked by widely shared intelligence where we currently reside, and the incomprehensible days just ahead close the final chapter on intelligence—for pureform humans. 
        Intelligence breakdown is:
the ability to share and duplicate what’s stored. Humans share and duplicate stored information very well. So well in fact, we went and invented its that can store, share and duplicate so much better than us, zillions of times better than us—we’re quickly becoming obsolete! We are currently ushering in a zenith kind of intelligence that will make human intelligence seem archaic; like we never advanced beyond the prehistoric days of mere gesturing! These very intelligence measures: storing, sharing, duplicating, are the very measures machines already do vastly superior to us—the bio-human 1.0 version.  
        Add to this intelligence offset—Exponential. This term, now used almost exclusively regarding anything about technologies fast adaptation rateis a rate we need to keep locked in the forefront of our noggins. The snail’s pace of human adaptation is now up against an intelligence that adapts at lightning speed. Slo-mo adapting us are still scratching our heads over how to use yesterday's techno-gadgets while today's are already being replaced with tomorrows. And if we’d get over being so enamored with these entertaining gadgets, we might awaken to see what we innately feel a wariness of; to what history so aptly reminds us as to why innate wariness must never be dismissed. There’s some fast-paced trades going on alright. While we’ve been downright preoccupied with trading off yesterday's must-haves with today's, our ruling cadre’s been downright obsessed playing their timeworn game only now: average us are being replaced with the latest higher intelligent badass but this time—it aint human. 
        Machines will never have original thought. I believe this is such a common realization, we disregard plausible techno-future scenarios while bolstering some naïve sense of human supremacy; some Godly ordained king-of-this-hill entitlement. This false sense of security may very well be the biggest blunder we can succumb to at today’s—Human versus Machine juncture.

Friggin’ Colossal.
        Obviously, artificial intelligence gorges on intelligence. Nearly overnight, the human world gave way to feeding nearly every scrap of intelligence into the mother of it all—the web of the world. Here, we may as well consider newday technology to be synonymous with The Big www simply because the web interfaces so thoroughly with most every other technology, it’s now considered to be—a behemoth metasystem that has grown beyond even the inventor’s imagination.   
        Behemoth speaks for itself as something friggin’ colossal. As to the meaning of metasystem, I searched for this definition online because while writing this, I discovered many terms regarding humanism versus machinity are relatively new and not found in yesterday’s hard-cover dictionaries. And still, many techno-words have yet to land in Webster’s online dictionary. This observation further testifies to how fast newday technology has hit us. 
        I found the word metasystem was initially coined in the 1980’s; less than 40 years ago. Metasystem summary: a system from beyond, or a control of systems of systems. Peter Russell’s 1982 book The Global Brain, couples the meaning of metasystem with the Big www for more summary: “As the internet becomes faster, more intelligent, more ubiquitous and more encompassing, it increasingly ties us together in a single information processing system that functions like a brain or organic whole for the planet Earth.” This technology, once invented by humans just yesterday, has clearly evolved. This behemoth metasystem; still in the throes of growing pains no less, is already perceived as Earth’s organic brain. So, I then had to look up organic because until now, I’d always thought the word natural had the exclusive here. Nope. For the apt use of the web’s organic brain I found: having an organization similar in its complexity to that of living things, characterized by the systematic arrangement of parts—elements fitting together in a unified organic whole. These three systematic elements; satellites, the web and machines, literally control most every technology out there and I feel like I can’t stress this enough—all of this is only just awakening. 

Irresistible Carrot.
        Monitoring. It provides one huge feast for Artificial Intelligence. Integrated patterns once built, are sold for millions of uses, by the billions—for trillions. And behind such massive wads spent to prepare this feast—resides all that’s truly convoluted. Regardless, before we completely concede to all that seems so unstoppable, let’s break it down some. Maybe then, we can dispel some of that overwhelmed’ness bearing down. 
        Every scrap of monitored-data extracted from us for whatever motive, is then fed into this behemoth metasystem brain-web of the world where it then sits ripe and ready to be compiled for whatever schemes are running in the background—paying for it all. We know this so let’s say it like it is. Corporations and Governments are the entities feeding those trillions into advancing total human control and replacement technologies and regardless of what justifications they serve us: their actions indisputably testify to the scant consideration they are giving towards our freedoms today, to the future consequences of what they are doing to our kids’ tomorrow, or to the damn Pandora’s Box they are throwing every bit of their might at to get opened. The wads being made from today’s developmental stages, pale in comparison to the wads inside that box. And, the only opposition standing in their way to unleashing all the mayhem found in that box? Us.
        In this past decade alone, the Big www has become the forbidding staging ground to provide an army of experts—funded by corporations and governments—to splay us wide open. They have unprecedented access to monitor us, leaving free masses vulnerably naked right down to our very movements and thoughts. This army is made up of experts from every field; scientists, mathematicians, anthropologists and every kind of technologist and data-miner in-between. They hover over our mouse clicks and words; even the emoticons we use, to compile data about us for just about every conceivable prospect. Our cell phones help them zero in on us even more. How we shop, socialize, love or rage—everything about us including our exact location—currently has a carte blanche pass to invade most every aspect of what humans used to consider—private. 
        Just yesterday, a technology once used exclusively for military and criminal use only, is now being toyed with like some innocent kind of fun for internet advertising. Brain-Scan Technology, once used by the Navy to try and figure out how pilots distinguish friends from foe, then went over to the criminal lie-detection camp where it picked up the tag brain-fingerprinting there, has since sidled into the camp of corralling consumer bucks where there, it goes by the name neuromarketing. 
        Evidently, we have a brainwave called P300 which machines can track, registering within a fraction of a second, a spark from a heatwave within us when our brain gleans a blip of information we’ve barely focused upon. The idea is to use it on us online, not yet to slide subliminal messages into our brain but rather: to peer at our very thoughts—to track which messages snag our focus! Really? So I looked for some examples. I was relieved to find this incredibly invasive scheme comes with controversy. However, in a capitalistic world, consumer products advanceonce accepted. 
        Information is the new gold standard and is sold to the highest bidder. Monitored, compiled information mined from us—not just within the confines of trusty governments, but extracted from us by anyone armed with an agenda and some bucks, now holds more value than our wildest paranoia can conjure. Confidential, personal information, is the very backbone freedom stems from and validates how free a mass truly is. We’ve trudged to a juncture where we must honestly question just how free we really are because that freedom-validating backbone—we’ve already lost. Used responsibly or not, technology quickly adapts. By the time I finish this writing and get it out, our very own pixel screens may well be traitorously helping someone snoop out our very thoughts. This is where we are at. Exponential is what we’re up against. Where does this leave us tomorrow?

The Crux.
        No machine will ever feel a thing. Will never once—feel compelled to do one thing.  Inanimate its will never be intrinsically guided by faith, belief—purpose. Its will never just once, wish their imagination and wonderments would take a break so sleep could drift in. Its will never benefit from common sense, intuitive, reactionary, or gut-instinct gauges. Not one humanistic trait, and therefore not one human thought, will ever be fully mimicked by a machine. But, here’s the million-dollar crux to this human versus machine showdown. When a non-biological database is a zillion times larger than humans, growing exponentially by the second in which to calculate decisions or base reasoning from—will humanistic traits still hold value? This is not my ponderance but rather, the million-dollar ponderance our guides are currently eschewing on. However, they don’t hold the exclusive on this mega-decision. This premier decision, by default of blind acceptance or not, is ultimately—our decision to make.
        Will we—allow this vastly more intelligent entity to overcome us by simply deeming that intelligence is really the only significant human value? Regardless of how AI gets packaged, will we: come to accept decision-making processes for humans are best performed by an ever-growing behemoth, non-human intelligence? A super smart powerhouse that will derive at all decisions for us from a colossal database of intelligence that never gelled, not even for one second—in one speck of emotional glue. No understanding—no empathy. A new king-of-this-hill that will never, not even once: feel compelled, be fueled by compassion or have one lick of sense about purpose. Super Goliath will never once glean what heartfelt appreciation or burning passion feels like and last but definitely not least: will never just once, swell in awe while pondering over just one of Earth’s—every grandeur. And, my million-dollar question to this is: if we default—who then decides?

Looking Back to see Forward.
        The Human Experiment advanced largely by ruling elites conquests of lands and riches, using the mass as their weapons—the mass as their slaves. Garnering titanic powerbases at the expense of the mass was done by terrorization; by tapping a very powerful humanistic trait—shear human fear. Masses eventually countered by tapping into other powerful humanistic traits like passion, belief, faith, conviction, and somehow inched The Human Experiment forward in-spite of the thousands of crazed despots bent on deterring them. And so today, we live in a privileged time afforded to us by a blood soaked road, newly paved in a commerce-based, democratic way. 
        Basically, nothing much is supposed to advance today unless a commerce avenue paves the way by either currency earned—not pillaged, or taxes paid—not plundered. We are the primary reason anything advances. Either we use lots of something or something’s used to control lots of us. A capitalistic society is probably as good as it gets for a mass to be free but in order to remain so—we must be able to earn a living. A republic/democracy is probably as good as it gets for communal humans to be governed by but in order for this to work, from our earned incomewe must pay taxes. And so, many techno-tools advance because we are free to purchase most anything we want and we purchase a great deal of them which is why we can hardly keep up with the latest must-haves. This commerce/democratic way of existing means we are supposed to be the grease, and the cogs, to enable the big wheels to keep churning. An existence intended to be guided by us; using our voice for the direction we want to go, using our money to grease whatever gears we choose to grease. But—that’s not the case. Instead: invasive technologies have overtaken every aspect of our existence because we have two runaway powerhouses fueling any advancement they desire—not what we desire. We didn’t ask for machines usurp our every decent job-market! And, we sure didn’t give our nod to have our every move monitored! We stiffen at the very thought of overlord control!  
        Monitoring technologies are designed to monitor anything. Monitoring a test-tube experiment is no different than monitoring a human workforce, consuming mass or responsible societies. Gathering data about any monitored group is for intelligence-seeking. The problem with monitoring free, ethically grounded humans is who’s monitoring us and for hell’s sake why? Fact: today’s monitored masses are the very test groups being used to provide Baby Goliath more intelligence—enabling corporations and governments to better control and/or replace us. Period.  

So, how’s the Condition Our Condition is in?
        Non-menial jobs are getting harder to come by all over the world. Evidently, the general consensus about what caused the latest world recession is—there is no general consensus! The blame goes to: those in power abused the financial system resulting in huge losses, complacent regulatory norms, Wall Street greed, huge disparity between the haves and have-nots, industry decline, real estate bubbles and dot-com busts. Wikipedia, an online resource probably sums it up best: “Many causes have been suggested with varying weight assigned by experts to different reasons.” However the blame gets divvied, it should not escape our notice that every attributing factor behind this entire world’s recession stems from powerhouse’s manipulating anything they can purely for personal gain. Nothing new here. Masses still—suffer the toll extracted.
        Replacement is not a theory but rather—a gory and well-practiced aspect of the human power control dance. The news splashes daily updates about this dance. A dance brought about by our survival-of-the-fittest replacement mentality; we hail from the animal species. Civility evolved to help distance ourselves from barbaric behavior. And while civility looks to be regressing in other parts of the world, it’s here and right now that we must keep a keen eye on the kind of replacement going on right under our noses. 
        Though seemingly civilized, today’s workforce techno-replacement agendas need to be seen for what they are being fueled to do. They are called job-eliminators for good reason. And yet, if you run a web search using the phrase replacement technology, you will find lots of sites about replacing older computer systems, knees and hips but you won’t find much on whole human replacement; the kind now being experienced in every work arena. I did find a November 2010 article in the LA Times titledRecession spurs faster replacement of workers with technology. This article sites the primary appeal for techno-replacement is because—workers are a headache. It goes onto say:“If cheap technology is available, you substitute it for people. Economists say savings reaped from replacing employees with machines can be channeled elsewhere leading to job creation in other sectors. Short term employment loss will be fine in the medium to long run.” Well, the jobs that could be—have been way overblown. Again, why?  

I’m beginning to question Experts. 
        The industrial and automated eras ushered in non-thinking tools in manual arenas and flourished simply because there was still upgrade room for human workers! Obviously, today’s higher-thinking technologies just about completes the full replication of human outputs! Yet, experts tell us not to worry—tech’s a grand future! Lots of room for innovative uses freeing us up for lots of other things! What things? My common sense meter sputters every time I hear an expert regale us with techno-replacement virtues. Today’s unemployment lines already attest to how many educated and skilled workers stand—hoping for work of any kind. As for upgrade room—not everyone can be a techie or mathematician but regardless, Baby-G will also be doing these jobs very soon with nary assistance. The world hosts 7 billion humans; millions of which are already unemployed and/or starving. Unless we want to be fed and cared for cattle style—we need our own damn paycheck! 
        Why do experts keep assuring us how it’s all gonna be just fine in the long run? Projections based from well-patterned human tendencies are grounded in sound logic. However, basing predictions on a never before experienced, non-consumer replacement reality that’s only just awakening no less, has me wondering just what qualifications actually tag someone an expert?  
        I did read one plausible assessment contributing to today’s conundrums which I believe deserves fair consideration. The gist of it has technology at the forefront where production, demand,  supply and wages are no longer in-sync. This assessment has something to do with a techno-era cusping its knee-curve paradigm shift. Basically, our sleepy overfed techno-babe is just awakening, preparing for its next growth spurt. Today’s free masses must start thinking for ourselves: exactly what will this techno-babe’s next growth spurt mean for us!  

Relegated to Headache Status.
        Currently, we are being told just how efficient industries have become by replacing humans with machines and to a large degree—this is one reckless, dubious claim. But for now, since we’re actually being replaced with the stuff, we should consider why machines are attracting corporate elite billions. The claim that workers are a headache is one way to say we come with too much messy baggage; we’ve become a bang no longer worth the buck. We aren’t worth upgrading anymore simply because technology is being hyped as cheaper and less messy—two more dubious claims worth closer inspection. Sure, we all have a few coworkers who fit the bill; folks who cause our heads to ache too, but all of us—really?

Wonderments, Questions and a few Conclusions. 
         We are all infants in this wholly new, non-human replacement saga. There are no competent experts capable of assuring us how it’s all gonna work out just fine. However, there are plenty of experts who can tell us how technology will most certainly—exponentially spiral in any direction it gets fed. Monitoring and replacement technologies are being fed smorgasbord fashion, from our very own governing and industrial pockets. For whatever valid or ill-conceived justifications they dish out—they are funding the birth to an unprecedented type of non-human replacement.  
        There are plenty of experts who can easily remind us just how societies fare when masses stand unemployed for any length of time. Do we naïvely believe our unemployment and economic woes will dissolve once we catch a ride on the downhill side of technology’s knee-curve awakening?  A ride bent on monitoring and replacing us? These invasive technologies are stalling-out humanity’s forwardness and killing the worker-bee. Replacement technologies will not grease the big wheels; pay for education, donate charitably, buy mortgages or feed families and—its never will.  
        Monitoring us is all about control and that’s a fact no matter how it’s softened and sold to us. This singular aspect of technology is only just warming up. It sucks from the many ripe data feeds tapped into us: government, commercial, personal—work arenas. These tentacles, via the web, are then funneled into what is called Information Technology. Coined IT, this is the fastest growing sector of control for governments the world over. Do our policymakers actually believe monitoring technologies—once firmly entrenched, and replacement technologies—currently gorging from deep corporate pockets, will just stall and innocently sit idle once these elites finally decide to say whoa? 
        Currently, governing elites are hastily installing video monitoring on our highways. Do we truly believe this is where the monitoring of our free society will finally stop? Brain-scanning, Drones and Sensors are all in the works set to follow in the steps of the audio and video tools already fully entrenched. Must educated humans still have to experience another lesson of the horrific domination cycle to remember what we must stop forgetting? Until recently, masses did not have the benefit of colored, explicitly graphic reminders;
blood looks like shadows in black & white videos ~JP. The Mid East, Africa and the Ukraine, are currently baring the gory burden of reminding the world just how grotesque the power dance truly is. Do American’s honestly believe we’ve touched some free-base; arrived at some premier freedom finish line of The Human Experiment—immune to this timeworn domination cycle?
        There are plenty of experts who can remind us just how every heavily monitored/controlled society always ends up. It’s always been a gory mess getting to this freer existence simply because human’s desire for freedom is mighty. Obviously, this passion-fueled desire eventually overpowered rulers bent on diminishing it or we wouldn’t be this free so here’s one more well-documented reality we can be assured of: the power control/replacement jig will cycle gory messes around again and again until some mass finally—comes along to change this dance up.

Who are We?
        A democratic mass pays in hard-earned bucks for governing elites to enrich humanity for the betterment of mankind. History can only serve us hard-won reminders about humanity’s progress; about shining or tarnished human tendencies. However, and this is a biggie: todays masses are now educated and freer-than-ever. We are the 1st ever mass, able to competently, freely question, the sanity of heading down the current techno-road our rulers have set us upon!  
        Every era that spiraled backwards before inching forward did so because not every ruling cadre was compelled to advance humanity in ethical and benevolent ways. This has not changed. Today’s corporate/political heavies are yesterday’s dominators but with two notable exceptions. They are now supposed to comply with basic decency ethos a free mass requires, and, market acceptance is supposed to govern what a consuming free mass deems worthy to advance. So question loudly! Now just exactly why are we being monitored and replaced? 
        Yes, many corporate elites enjoy lucrative stability in their dog-eat-dog world governed by market demand, and, they maintain humanity’s forwardness simply by using basic decency as their guiding beacon. Others though, are nothing but the same junkyard dogs of yesterday. When riveted only on the stock market, salivating over the many machine for human replacement options that are utterly detrimental to our very being—they are not ethically guided. These contrasting comparisons must be noted and the worker-bee needs full mass support by loudly voicing disdain for the latter. Their reckless re-cogging is indisputably messing with the very wheels that have provided this communal animal the proven means necessary for us to peacefully coexist.  

It’s our turn. It’s our watch.
        Each day, the news graphically conveys overwhelming problems that need our attention; issues even within our own borders like AIDS infected babies that need our help. My email inbox constantly delivers a barrage of edicts that others passionately believe must or must not pass. Persistent pleas contending it’s my patriotic responsibility to forward these dire edicts to at least twenty others. I’ve become so infused and bombarded with so much information, I grapple over which causes I should donate to and what governing measures I should find time to keep an eye on. Mostly, it’s all become so overwhelming—I retreat. I’d rather sit by the fire and read novels, watch football or do anything except fuel myself to help effect change this moment to make a difference somewhere, somehow. So when I began this endeavor, I wondered then and still do—what could I possibly write to dislodge others from their own retreats similar to the ones I escape into?
        When I finally found forward and began writing, I happened upon a refresher course about freedom in The Federalist Papers. This book is actually a compilation of regularly written articles which were sprinkled into colonial newspapers back in 1787 promoting the virtues of Our Constitution. This regular diet of information gave the mass some time to reflect and talk over the plea for a democratic constitution for the people, that only a mass consensus by the people—could ensure. This book reminded me that even back then, back when Our Constitution needed mass focus and mass consensus, issues were spun every which way and uncertainly left those people feeling overwhelmed then just like us now. So it’s been a disheartening observation to notice—the very instrument which spells out our freedoms—has become a polarized issue; a staging ground used to pit us against one another and I’m wondering—how deep does our dissolution run? However deep, I don’t believe Americans are alone. A new type of mass-angst is blurping out across Europe and other stable countries. Something’s coming undone. It’s getting rough out there - high water everywhere ~ BD.    
        Today’s global realities are heavy in magnitude just like yesterday’s were. What’s got me, an average you writing this for us, is because it’s occurred to me that somehow—we must find our own line of communication in order to effect change. It’s our turn—it’s our watch. The Big www can be used for us as well as against us. The Human Experiment has always encompassed many tribulations and given time, humans overcome—we adapt. However, today’s tribulations come with one monumental difference: technology now works our clock and—it’s running on Nano-time. 
        When the authors wrote The Federalist Papers promoting the virtues of a Constitution, they wrote under the pseudonym Publius. Publius himself was a Roman Senator assigned to hashing-out societal parameters that were just and right for the public. I can’t help but wonder if one reason Hamilton, James and Jay used a pseudonym, was so the public would focus more on what’s being written than who’s doing the writing. 
        This series is a mass summons. The Federalist Papers gave me the bright idea to cop theirs. It doesn't matter so much who I am but rather, what I'm offering. And it is us, we are the right-now mass that must make an effort together, to raise our awareness, to then build consensus, to then insist, just where we want these unprecedented times to take even our own progeny. And, we must do this before any more Firmly Entrenched anything becomes their irreversible reality because one thing is certain—backwards is not forwards. 
        To jumpstart a move from the sideline it begins at belief. We must believe that together, 
            we are not powerless to effect change because together—we most surely are not. 
                                          I could use somebody. Somebody like you ~KOL.

                                                    Most sincerely, Publius.


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